Broadcast Samples

Radio Samples

Everything old is new again, like 3D printing. Turns out that one of our most radical technologies satisfies a very old-fashioned need, making a physical object you can hold in your own hands. Metro Morning contributor Cara Stern visited an open house at the Toronto Reference Library External Site.
Originally aired on CBC’s Metro Morning, March 13, 2014.


A young man his and grandmother recall a memorable Toronto subway trip they took together 13 years ago. The TTC promised to give them the number plate from that train once it has been taken out of service next year.
Originally aired on CBC’s Metro Morning, Dec. 19, 2013.


Muslim conversions are on the rise in the UK, predominantly among white women.
Originally aired on CBC’s The World This Weekend, July 24, 2011.


Spinning yarn from pet rabbits in Ottawa.
Originally aired on CBC’s Ottawa Morning, Feb. 6, 2012.


Juno Award-winner Vincent Marcone on music album covers.
Originally aired on CBC’s All in a Day, March 16, 2012.

TV Sample

At the end of my internship at CBC London, I had the opportunity to create a report on an event which I helped cover earlier in the internship. I chose the day Julian Assange was brought to the high court in London on an arrest warrant for the Swedish rape allegations.

I wrote the script and picked out which videos to use from the CBC’s collection. I helped out at the shoots for some of the clips and interviews, and I decided how to place them in the report to best illustrate the story.

We did not have time to add supers, but the clip is otherwise complete.